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MISSION: The time has come when people across the world look for TRUTH and COMMON SENSE to prevail. Global Citizen CyberVoice (GCCV) offers a portal for anyone wanting to communicate where TRUST and ACCURACY are the norm. https://globalcitizencybervoice.wordpress.com/



ADMINISTRATOR FOR  Bernie Sanders For America, a fast-growing LinkedIn Group

PRESS RELEASEI HAD A DREAM…To all the members of Bernie Sanders for America Group at LinkedIn http://prlog.org/12548702



I work closely with persons whose capability is advanced with experience that dates back 45 years in the IT world and is second to none but at reduced cost. It is likely to be more efficient and less costly than hiring someone. With awareness of the budget available it is possible to make an appropriate referral after a full needs assessment. Latter can take place on a conference bridge with the option of a recording with a transcript produced that can be shared within a short time or a few days depending on the desired intent to proceed and how quickly. Read More:



What is the highest health height of them all that can be achieved? Perhaps you never imagined such would be possible?  The answer is not known, but health heights are possible to achieve regardless of age and whether or not one has a health challenge. As living testimonial I have rejuvenated from 15 medical diagnoses and have rehabilitated from 3 strokes. My lab tests are ALL NORMAL and my naturopathic doctor is following me closely! http://lnkd.in/b3th4vY


2016 BETTER THAN 2015?

So much is at stake as we anticipate transitioning into 2016.  When ABC4All TALKS were initiated in 2007, it was never imagined that their relevance would be so heightened in 2015.


Ever since A Better Community For All (ABC4All) was Founded by Co-Founders Burton Danet and Robert Chew, ABC4All Principles have been taking their hold and demonstrating in endless ways their relevance to so many people in so many ways across the world.


Even more surprising --- and shocking at times! -- is how ABC4All Mentors have illustrated over and over "what a Mentor can do" without a dime of funding acting as a volunteer.  A logical conclusion became obvious, so in 2012 at the ABC4All Jamboree, the theme of "Making The Impossible Possible" was introduced.