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Journey to Say, 'Good-Bye' (A Father's Love)

Journey to Say, 'Good-Bye' (A Father's Love)
by Burton Danet


Burton DanetSons and Fathers, 
Fathers and Sons, 
All may not know 
What they mean, 
One to another. 

This Father, This Son, 
After many years of 
Separation were Brought together. 

The father lay near death 
Diabetes claiming his life 
His fast decline 
A grave concern. 

Travel to his father's bedside, 
Only to find him sleeping, cold, 
Not eating, waiting to die. 

Then began the conversations, 
Therapeutic in intent, 
Leading to the discovery 
This man had given up 
His Will to Live. 

Yes, depression had set in, 
One not recognized, 
Left untreated and 
Those around had no hope. 

Give the conversations 
Two weeks alone, and 
Behold! What a transformation 
Could take place. 

Yes, day by day, 
Little by little, 
Energy returned, 
Until the departure day. 

Astonished, son finds father in 
Physical therapy pulling 
On ropes and exercising galore. 

Such a transformation 
Was not anticipated. 
All predictions of death 
Were out the door. 

For another fifteen months, 
This father returned to 
Productive living. 

A lesson to behold. 
Somethng never to forget. 
Alive? Breathing? 
Then there is hope. 

Give life a chance, 
Never underestimate 
The Power of the 
Love Between a Father and Son.

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