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Formulae 4 Better World

 A Comprehensive Model

Formula For A Better World


Cooperating and Collaborating Organizations 

Across the World:


a One Page Business Plan




List of participant organizations (proposed)


I.  Vision


A Better Community For All receptive with the Vision of PEACE and HARMONY prevailing and the Mission of MAXIMIZING Giving.


II. Mission


Engage receptive participants (individuals, groups, organizations) from every corner of the globe to cooperate and collaborate so as to implement a model Formula for a Better World in which the New Millennium Business Model is brought into action including "Directed Consumerism with Automatic 'TechnoGiving'TM" that is embedded in every financial transaction conducted.


III.  Objectives


1.  Utilize the ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project to work with ABC4All Mentors presently in 116 countries with the intention to have activity in all countries.


2.  Contact a set of organizations with diverse visions/missions and enlist their cooperation to participate in the model for the creation of Formulae for a Better World.


3. Create a model formula which is easily replicated in any community with adaptation to local needs.


4.  Encourage open communication and reciprocal support so as to ensure maximum safety, protection and benefit for all participants.


5.  Institute methods of validation and verification of ongoing benefit on the part of participants engaged in creating Formulae for a Better World.


IV. Strategies


1.  Develop reciprocally beneficial relationships with participating individuals and organizations with the understanding that the bottom line is a better community for all, not who is leading this effort.


2. Gain a clear understanding of the vision and mission of participating organizations so that maximum support may be generated for each worthwhile cause as the formulae for a better world examples are created throughout the world.


3.  Utilize methods for maximizing benefits to all participants including raising funds to create support for worthwhile causes.  Example:  ABC4All / Jazz For Peace FUNdraising Concerts on behalf of participant organizations.  Example:  A dynamic revolutionary business model available so that persons from any location on the planet can participate and benefit.


4. Create the focus of activity based on the priorities of urgency and relative needs in the world including First Responder activity for natural disasters, more immediate relief for epidemics that are rampant and longer term goals of eradicating poverty, famine, discrimination, etc.


5.  Organize Teams of Teams who will implement the model Formula for a Better World described herein all over the world.


V.  Plans


1.  Confirm participation on the part of each person representing a respective organization.


2.  Hold periodic conference calls as needed to coordinate common interests in implementing this model Formula For a Better World.  Options:  Skype for chats/audio/video conferencing, a teleconference line that holds 20 people and another that holds 250 people.


3.  Conduct online Webinars for the initial participants and later for each to conduct additional Webinars for later participants as the Teams of Teams of people are implemented worldwide.  Where internet connections do not exist, cellphone technology can be utilized.  For the 25% of the world's population without a cellphone, there will be a need for direct intervention within communities.


4.  Utilize the Website, "Global Common Sense GCS," as a base of communication with additional websites created as needed via the TrUnity Platform via ABC4All.


5.  Institute methods for assessment and validation of procedures as they are developed and implemented as a means to fulfilling the vision and mission of Formulae For A Better World.



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